Episode 024, “The Plague of the Locust!”

X-Aspirations Episode 024
X-Men #24, September 1966
“The Plague of the Locust!”
Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by Werner Roth, Inking by Dick Ayers, Lettering by Sam Rosen, Edited by Stan Lee.

Reclusive Objectivist Creates Wacky Wallcrawler: Ditko is Black and White and There Is Nothing In Between.

In Which We Find That With Tanks of Napalm And Compressed Butane Gas Strapped To My Back I Will Fear No Evil, That One Can Never Underestimate The Emotional Impact of 19th Century Hermit Garb, And That While Your Peers May Appreciate Your Commitment To Your Science-Themed Costume, It Is Unlikely To Get You Tenure.

Next year AntMutCon Will Be in Fort Lauderdale… I am Thinking Wet T-shirt Contest! And Genocide, Of Course.

Example Steve Ditko Art from his Marvel years: Amazing Spider-Man #25, Amazing Spider-Man #13, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2, and Strange Tales #138.

It is not supposed to be possible for an invertebrate to reach such massive sizes outside of water. Their bodies would collapse on themselves. Sometimes science is just no fun.

I think we can assume that is actually a word balloon in the center there, empty due to censorship. I mean, what would you say if an ice spear unexpectedly sprang from your chest mid-meal? I am pretty sure it wouldn’t be comic code approved.

I believe all those x’s are actually just marking sites of Creationist museums. In a well planned car cruise you can hit them all!

You know what Professor, I think its all dark meat. Just dig in.

What are you doing? What is going on? Don’t Flame Me, Bro!

Xavier figured he should just use the costume. No reason for it to go to waste just because those Broadway morons wouldn’t know a brilliant interpretation of Jean Valjean even if it came up and bit them on their Les Miserable asses!

Locust-man, locust-man does what ever a locust can. Also spins webs any size, we are not the most inventive guys. Hey hey… We got nothing.

If it isn’t tornados, it’s artificially enlarged Beetles humping you off a cliff. Man was not meant to live in a trailer home.

Caveat Emptor, or check the book for X-Men shaped holes.

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